Why a doula?

Having unconditional love and care during your labor makes all the difference in the world.  There is a large body of research that says having skilled labor support (a doula) can provide lasting benefits for both birth-givers and babies.  Lindsay Miller (CAPPA certified labor doula) provides the highest level of professionalism and compassionate, informed support during your birth.

Rising Tide Doulas serve those planning to birth in hospitals, birth centers, and at home.  You can find us providing care from Boston, to the South Shore, and all the way to the ends of Cape Cod.

It is never too early or too late to inquire about labor support.

Labor doulas complement the birthing team by providing physical support through hands on touch, massage, water therapy, applying warm packs or cool compresses, aiding with hydration and nutrition, encouraging mobility and freedom of movement, and helping create a peaceful and safe environment that has dim lighting, a comfortable temperature, enjoyable music, and relaxing comforts of home. These physical techniques play a vital role in the emotional well being of the birth-giver.  They give the birthing person feelings of safety, unconditional love, uninterrupted support, and familiarity. The laboring family feels listened to, respected, and in control of their experience in part to the informational support a doula provides.

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While there are no guarantees in birth (or in the rest of life, for that matter!), studies have shown that folks who have continuous labor support (i.e., a doula) tend to have fewer cesarean births, fewer pain medications, and tend to feel more satisfied with their birth experience no matter how it all turned out.

*It’s important to note, though, that while a doula can decrease your need for medical pain relief or a surgical birth, we support all birth-givers, including ones who need or choose more medical support.

Labor Doula Package: Normally $2000, but book this summer and get it for $1900!

(Flexible payment plans always available, just ask!)

Our comprehensive birth doula package includes:

The support begins well before labor. 

  • A complimentary in person interview

  • TWO prenatal visits where we discuss your pregnancy care, birth wishes, labor expectations, comfort techniques, and the immediate postpartum.

  • 24/7 Text and phone availability. Your doula is ALWAYS within reach. In addition, you can reach out to our board-certified lactation consultant, Liz Libby anytime, because questions pop up about breastfeeding before baby! (What if I don't plan to breastfeed?)

  • Continuous labor support.  We are yours the entire time it takes for you to give birth, whether its for 5 or 55 hours (or longer!). We stay with you for a bit after you give birth and help you with the first feed and getting ready for that big nap!

  • In-home lactation care: everyone gets a follow-up visit once they are settled at home.  Whether you are nursing your babe or not, you will have questions about your changing breasts and feeding your baby.  Our very own Liz Libby provides exceptional support in a non-judgmental way, helping you set and reach your goals. (What if I don't plan to breastfeed?)

  • In-home postpartum visit: This visits takes place about 1-2 weeks postpartum and we discuss your birth, your needs, and any future postpartum visits (day or overnight care) you may wish to add on.

  • Access to the Harbor, the clients-only portion of our website that is chock-full of lovingly curated, non-scary, accurate information.