Our very own Lindsay Miller provides our birth doula services.  

It is never too early or late to inquire about our labor support. 

We recognize that each family has a unique vision regarding their birth, and at Rising Tide Women's Whole Life Wellness, we honor your individuality and support your informed decisions.

Why a doula?

The role of the labor doula is to complement the birthing team as a physical and spiritual presence, providing the family with non-medical, evidence-based guidance and continuity of care.  The labor doula works alongside your partner and team so that you can have the best birth experience possible.  The labor doula is knowledgeable about the process, the work that birth requires, and the mental energy needed to bring a baby earthside. The evidence for doulas can be found here.

What does the birth doula package include?

The support begins well before labor. 

In person interview:  After our initial phone conversation, should you want to meet with me face to face, I would be happy to work with your schedule to arrange such a meeting.  This allows you to get to know me on a more personal level and is complimentary.

Two prenatal visits:   After we are in agreement, I am happy to visit you in your home where you can feel most relaxed to talk about your pregnancy and birth wishes.  I will also provide non-biased education about the labor and birth experience, comfort techniques, plus what to expect immediately postpartum and once you are home.  These visits typically last 1-2 hour(s).

*New!* Lactation care:  We know that questions about breastfeeding can come up even before baby is born, so you also have access to Liz, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), for information and support to help you get off on the right start with breastfeeding.  (What if I don't plan to breastfeed?)

Text or phone call availability:  I understand that questions can pop into one’s mind at any moment, and I want to be available to you.  Connecting with you is very important to me and helps us build a foundation of trust, respect, and safety.  Feel free to call, text, or email me.  I will respond to you as promptly as possible.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your care provider or dial 9-1-1 first.   

On-call Labor Support:  Once we are in agreement, I am on-call for you.  My cell phone will be at my side from our signing until you give birth.  I ask that you contact me as soon as you think you are in labor so I can tie up personal loose ends and prepare to be with you from the time you need me until you have your baby.   In the rare event that I cannot be with you, I will have a back-up doula available and you are free to meet together or talk on the phone.  You will be informed if I need to be more than 1 hour from your birthing place throughout your entire pregnancy, and I will make no plans to travel outside the 1 hour radius once you are 37 weeks along.

Once labor begins: 

Labor and Birth Support:  Once I have arrived at your home or the place of birth (home, birth center, or hospital), I will remain with you continuously (no time limit) until your baby has been welcomed to the world and for about 1-2 hours postpartum to help you get settled in your new role.  During labor, your needs will be met usually without you having to say a word.  I will be using my intuition and experience to help you and your partner labor and birth comfortably and confidently.  Immediately following the birth of your child, I will stay to help you get acquainted, freshened up, assist with initial breastfeeding, watch you bond with your newborn, help gather your belongings should you need to transfer to another room, and of course take pictures with your own camera.  It is a "golden hour" indeed.  I will help facilitate a gentle transition for you all.

Postpartum Visit:   This is done at your home within a week or two postpartum where you can relax and feel safe to express your feelings as a new parent.  You can discuss any questions and concerns you are experiencing.  It is a time to process your labor and reflect upon the journey.  If you need any additional resources (advanced breastfeeding support for example), you will be referred to very skilled professionals from a trusted and carefully selected network.  This visit typically lasts 1-2 hours.  Should you desire additional postpartum visits (day or overnight), arrangements can be made.  Please check out “Postpartum Doula."

*New!* Lactation Care:  Each and every one of our doula packages includes a follow-up lactation visit in your home. Whether you're nursing your babe or not, you will have questions about caring for your changing breasts and feeding your baby, and Liz is here to answer them in a kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental way.  Liz will come visit you in your home where you are relaxed and comfortable, check in with you about your nursing goals, your questions, and any difficulties you might be having.  She'll meet you where you're at and work with you to create a plan to meet your goals around breastfeeding.  (What if I don't plan to breastfeed?)

Between the two of us, we've helped thousands of families to have the best birth and post-birth experiences that they can.  You will carry these experiences with you for the rest of your life; why not feel supported through them?  

Labor Doula Package $2000 (Payment plans always available, please inquire)