Hi!  Welcome to Rising Tide.  In the theme of new beginnings and fresh starts, I wanted to write a little bit about what we are dreaming into being with this business venture, and why we think it's awesome.  

I'm sure we'll write about how we got into this business of serving mothers and new families, supporting them and teaching them and lifting them up.  But rather than looking back right now, I want to look ahead and think about the future.  As parents, we are often confronted with the question of what kind of world we want to create for our children.  Parenting is a continuous, exhausting investment in the future; the payoff isn't visible until we see the amazing people our children will grow into, although sometimes we are lucky enough to get glimpses each day.  We invest our time, energy, love, and care in creating children who will live in the world we are all co-creating together each day.  We create that world through our actions and treatment of others, and Lindsay and I see that as the key to creating a world where women of all ages, all reproductive statuses, all colors, all genders, and all classes feel supported and safe in the world.  
When we began dreaming about Rising Tide, we began dreaming about something broad and big, something earth-shaking and revolutionary.  We wanted to not only serve and support new families (I think of it as the 'full moon'phase of life), but also to support young women as they grow into the pillars of our communities (I think of this as the 'waxing moon' phase, when they are coming into their power).  And to support mature women as they become our elders and our wise women (the 'waning moon' phase; I'll explain the moon thing in a later post, complete with pictures of my moon tattoo).  

We want to create a kind, caring community where these generations can support and serve each other, where our changes and milestones are celebrated throughout our lives.  

And what about the menfolk?  How do we include them?  As mothers of, between the two of us, six boys and zero girls, how does this benefit our own children?  
Well.  We do want to include men, because nobody can do this thing called life on their own.  Because when women are more free to be themselves, everyone is more free to be themselves.  Because we want our boys to grow up in a culture where all facets of their selves are nurtured, not just the ones that fit into our cultural box of masculinity.  Because fatherhood is important.  Because brotherhood and partnerhood are important.  Because a rising tide lifts all boats, so when one of us does well, we all do well.  

So that vision we have of an earth-shaking, revolutionary movement?  It's coming.  We will get there.  We are beginning with what we know, what we are experts in: raising up mothers, fathers, new families, and babies.  Supporting pregnancy in all its forms, joyful and heartbreaking and sometimes devastating.  Tirelessly working to make sure that the people we work with feel seen, heard, and supported.  

We are here for you all.  Culture change begins with each of us.