What's with all the anchors anyway?

Hi!  I want to talk about our logo today.  You miiiiight have noticed we're kind of obsessed with it.   We put it on everything.  And also, we just got buttons made with it.  And we're gonna give them out at NICE, so come see us, say hi, meet us in person, and get your button!  

But I want to talk about why we're so obsessed with our logo.  First, Jen at Dulce Press made it for us, and you know we love supporting other local businesswomen.  Jen is great, and she makes beautiful things, so you should check her out.

Also, we loved the symbolism of it.  One afternoon when we were daydreaming about our new business in the car together, we talked about other businesses that might be offering similar services to ours.  Turns out we have similar philosophies about this; Lindsay has always said "there's enough sunshine for everybody", which I love.  We approach our business, and our lives, from a place of abundance.  We believe there are enough clients for everyone, enough love for everyone, enough for everyone.  When one of us does well, all of us do well.  Because a rising tide lifts all boats.  And that's how we got our name.  And then we went all nautical, because.... well, Cape Cod.  And anchors, and..... you know.  We toyed with the idea of a compass rose, but it just wasn't quite us.

We loved the symbolism of the anchor: the idea of anchoring your ship safe at harbor, the thought of letting your ideals anchor you as you move through the world, our goal of anchoring expectant and new parents to the earth, to realistic expectations, and to help them stay anchored to each other.  And the rope, for us symbolizes what we do: we throw you a rope.  When you're in labor, when you're pregnant, when you have a new baby, or when you are just in need of a sister.  When you feel like you're drowning, we are here to throw you a rope.  

At a certain point, we realized that the top of the anchor mimicked the female symbol, so we wanted to accentuate that because: women* rock.  We love women.  We are women.  We serve women (among others).  Need I say more?  

So that pretty much sums up our logo: it's a kind of shorthand for the kind of sisterhood we hope to create in the world.  Because yes, it's a business, but it's also how we live our lives.  It's something we believe in with our whole hearts.  So we put it on everything, sprinkle it around like glitter.  Including the buttons.  We want to give you a button.  It's kind of a symbol that you've joined the sisterhood.  A sign that you also want to lift up other women, to meet them where they are and support each other on this crazy journey.  We're here for you, but we can't do it alone; we have to give a hand to our sisters.  So come see us.  Get a button.  Display it proudly; you are a kick-ass sister.  


*Just a note that when we say women, we mean anyone who identifies as a woman or a femme person.  We love our sisters, not just our cis-ters.