In the first 24 hours after birth:

Baby breastfeeding and looking up into mom's face [Rising Tide Women's Whole Life Wellness]

Try to get in lots of skin-to-skin snuggle time today; this helps your baby transition to the world, and triggers their natural feeding habits. Strip them down to your diaper, take off your bra, and put them directly on your chest between your breasts. Just hug it out.


Aim for 6-8 TRIES for breastfeeding today, with some of them being successful latch-ons.  Look for baby's cues to know when to feed (licking lips, mouthing, sucking on hand). But if it's been 3-4 hours since the last feeding, put them skin to skin 'in the kitchen' to get them in gear.


Look for 1 wet and 1 dirty diaper today. More than that is okay, but that's the minimum we're looking for. Baby's poop will be black and sticky today.


Remember: your breasts won't feel different yet! You have plenty of colostrum, the first milk your baby needs. Your baby's tummy is about the size of a marble today; they were born well-hydrated and with a fully belly, and they need very little actual milk from you today.  It's normal for baby (and parents!) to be sleepy today. Rest, get to know each other, and don't panic.


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