In the second 24 hours after birth:

Baby breastfeeding and looking up into mom's face [Rising Tide Women's Whole Life Wellness]

Keep up that skin to skin; it really does help with a whole mess of potential problems. And it's nice snuggle time.  Strip them down to your diaper, take off your bra, and put them directly on your chest between your breasts. Just hug it out. (Non-birthing parents can do this, too!)


Aim for at the very least 8 feedings in this 24-hour period (more is great!) It's normal for baby to be sleepy, and it's normal for baby to be wakeful and want to nurse. It's likely that they will be sleepier during the day and more wakeful at night; this is normal. 


Look for 2 wet and 2 dirty diapers today. More than that is okay, but that's the minimum we're looking for. Baby's poop will be black and sticky today, but may become more brown as the day goes on. Tracking diapers is a great way to tell that baby is getting what they need.


A heads-up about the second night: it's sometimes a rough night, with baby being more wakeful and wanting to feed a lot. This is normal! This is typically when babies start to perk up a bit more and help mom's milk supply increase by nursing frequently. Your breasts may still not feel any different, and that's normal. You still have that first milk, and baby's tummy is still really small. 


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