In the third 24 hours after birth:

Baby breastfeeding and looking up into mom's face [Rising Tide Women's Whole Life Wellness]

Keep up that skin to skin; it really does help with a whole mess of potential problems. And it's nice snuggle time.  Strip them down to your diaper, take off your bra, and put them directly on your chest between your breasts. Just hug it out. (Non-birthing parents can do this, too!)


Because of the hormone shift that takes place as you are transitioning from colostrum to mature milk, you may have a rough day, emotionally. Remember: hormones don't mean your feelings aren't 'real', it just means they may be magnified and a bit more difficult to manage. The lack of sleep doesn't help, either. Be so, so gentle with yourself and know that it's normal. 


Often, parents wonder if they have enough milk just because baby is fussy and wanting to feed a lot. Remember that more feedings make more milk. Aim for at least 10-12 feedings in this 24-hour period. Baby is bringing in the mature milk by feeding a lot!


Today, look for at least 3 wet and 3 dirty diapers (more is okay!). Baby's poop should be changing from black to greenish brown, or may even be yellow. 


As you change over to mature milk, your breasts may be heavy and full. Sometimes, parents get some nipple soreness on day 3 because babies have a harder time latching on to a very full breast. The best way to get relief is to nurse frequently. If baby has trouble latching, you can try reverse pressure softening; it's a great trick. 


We often talk about day 3 as the 'all-day cafe'; baby may be fussy and want to feed often today (particularly overnight). Please know that it's normal, and you can do this! Be patient with yourself and your baby; everyone is learning together. And remember:

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