For expectant parents

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Pre-birth unlearning

We don't really think you need to be taught how to give birth; your body already knows how to do it.  Instead, we need to 'unlearn' all the weird expectations and fears we've absorbed through a lifetime of being told horror stories about birth.  We need to be informed about what is actually happening to our bodies when we birth our babies and how to support that process as best we can.  We have created a class that's full of evidence-based information, practical strategies for managing labor and the post-birth period, along with a good amount of laughs.  Planning an unmedicated birth?  Great; we have a lot of experience preparing expectant parents for that!  Planning a cesarean birth, a birth with medication, or something different?  Great; we have a lot of experience preparing expectant parents for that, too!  We spend the first part of each class learning about your circumstances, wishes, and needs so that we can tailor the experience to exactly what you need.  And after class is over, we can doula you through your birth experience.

Lindsay and Liz are both certified, experienced educators.  When we teach, we bring our curiosity, our extensive knowledge, our compassion, and our sense of humor.  We have a great time with our classes, and we know you will too.    

We can come to you in person if you are on the South Shore, Cape Cod, or in Greater Boston. If you're outside of our range, we are working on some exciting ideas to work with you long-distance!

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Prepare for birth

Lindsay and Liz have worked together to create a comprehensive, fun, and helpful class that we target to each individual family's needs.  Want to focus on natural birth?  Cool, we can do that.  You know you want an epidural?  Awesome; we can prepare you for that too.  Need to have a cesarean birth?  Let's get you ready with what you need to know ahead of time.  

You can choose to schedule the class all in one eight-hour day (we sometimes order pizza) or two 4-hour sessions around your schedule. We offer our class in your own home, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable asking all your questions as they come up.  And believe us when we say: we talk about everything  you want to talk about.

Get fully prepared for an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.  You can schedule with a friend who's also expecting and share the investment!  Or take 10% off your total when you book more than one service.  

About 353,000 babies are born every day, but you only get to birth this baby once.  Why not be ready?   


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Prepare for nursing

Breastfeeding or chestfeeding a new baby is an amazing experience.  And although the process is natural and instinctive for babies, parents need to learn how to support the process.  This two-hour session will help you unlearn some of the horror stories you've heard about breastfeeding and set you up for a great beginning.  

We talk to so many new parents who say they wish they had known more about breastfeeding before they started.  We want to help you avoid wishing that.

After helping thousands of families get off to a good start with breastfeeding, Liz (IBCLC) and Lindsay (CLE) can help you understand the process ahead of time and learn how milk production works, how often your baby needs to nurse, and what to expect as your breasts change and your baby grows.  Having your partner take the class with you will also help them be ready to support you in the best way possible.  



Get exceptional support during your birth

Feeling supported and cared for during your labor and birth can make all the difference in the world.  There's a large body of research that says having skilled labor support (i.e., a doula) can provide lasting benefits for both birth-givers and babies.  Lindsay provides the highest level of professionalism and caring, informed support during your labor and birth.  

We attend hospital births, birth center births, and homebirths all over Cape Cod, the South Shore, and Greater Boston.

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