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Now accepting for February and March  2019 due dates

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It takes 9 months to grow a baby. What if you had 9 months to grow and nurture yourself while you were doing it?

What if you could have a community custom-built for you, full of other amazing women going through the same transformative process? What if you had ongoing support from pregnancy, birth, and parenting experts to guide you through the process? What if you didn't have to do it alone?

What if you had a lifeboat to help you journey through this ocean?  

We are so here for that.  

We want every pregnant parent to feel supported, loved-on, included, and prepared for their experiences. You deserve to know your options when it comes to your care, your body, and your baby, and we can help with that. And we know you don't want to feel like you are alone, swimming in a sea of google overwhelm (yup, we've been there too).  Wouldn't it be more fun to share laughs and support with a small group of other pregnant mamas who are due right when you are? And how cool would it be to have a doula-birth educator-lactation consultant-postpartum guru and a doula-nurse-birth educator-postpartum guru guide you through the whole process for 9 months? And what if those same awesome ladies could give you your birth class right there in the process?

We haven't seen anything that meets all these needs, so we went ahead and created it!


by Rising Tide Women

If this sounds like it's your cup of tea, then go ahead and sign up below!  For $39 a month, you'll get 9 months of connection, community, and information:

  • A weekly email from your professional guides, targeted to right where you're at in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey, with tips, links, comfort measures, and things to think about at each stage.

  • Access to The Harbor, our clients-only resource page, where you can find help for every stage of parenting.

  • A small-group private facebook group with up to 15 of your new friends, all of whom are due in the same month. Liz and Lindsay will facilitate the community with questions to get to know each other, resources for each stage of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and solid, evidence-based information for you.

  • Access to two seasoned birth professionals who will help guide you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding with kindness, compassion, nonjudgment, and a whole lotta know-how.

  • Two conference calls each month. During pregnancy, these will include community building and getting to know each other, answering YOUR questions, whatever they might be, and (this is kind of a big deal) an entire birth prep class, including preparation for postpartum and breastfeeding. Yep, you read that right: your birth class is built right into this program. If you can't make it onto the calls when they happen, you can watch them when it's convenient for you and share them with your partner/support person(s). And you'll be able to ask us any questions you might have.

  • During your 'due month', those calls will be all about answering questions and supporting each other through the amazing process of giving birth. We'll be celebrating each others' babies as they come earthside and making sure that you have all of the information you need to make informed, empowered decisions.

  • Once baby is here, our calls will be focused on supporting you through the early postpartum period; we'll be helping with breastfeeding, baby care, figuring out what's normal and not normal, and caring for yourself when you are caring for a little one who doesn't sleep in long stretches.

  • For the full explanation of what we'll be focusing on each month, go check out this page.

I mean, it's a like a party. But even better, because you can join it from your couch in your pajamas. And this is so much more than the 'your baby is the size of a mango' emails; those are great, but they don't give you the sense of community and support that you get with our Lifeboat program.

Have more questions? Read more details here and check out our frequently asked questions.

Due in February or March 2019? This is for you! 

The program starts November 24, takes you through your  due month, and then right on into postpartum. We'll end on August 24, but you'll have access to the facebook group to keep in touch as long as you'd like. Millions of women are doing this alone; we don't want you to be in that club.

Invest a small amount each month for 9 months to get yourself a whole lotta connection, support, and guidance throughout your journey. 

Or pay all at once and get a discount on all that connection, support, community, and guidance throughout your journey.

This is a chance to get our amazing birth preparation (plus so much more!) for almost 50% off the cost of our private classes, so jump on it; space is limited!

Have questions about our Lifeboats? 

Read the frequently asked questions here, or get in touch below

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