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The details

If I were about to sign up for an awesome nine-month-long program, I'd want to know what was ahead for me. So I thought you might like to know more about it, too.  Here's what we have planned for the coming months: 


Month 1: Community building

In this first month, we will be focusing on getting to know each other and building our community. It may seem like a small goal, but we will be carrying a lot together over the next nine months, so we will be really intentional about creating a trusting, caring group of women. We'll also be diving into some journaling prompts, clarifying your own goals for your experience, and working on creating some plans to meet them.

Month 2: Preparing for Birth

This is the month where we really begin to dive into the work of preparing you for an empowered birthing experience. We talk about what is actually going on inside your body during the process of birth and how to work with it instead of against it.



Month 3: Preparing for Postpartum and feeding your baby

This month, we will pull apart the story of early motherhood that our culture gives us and talk about how going home with your baby isn't a 'happily ever after', it's the beginning of a whole new story. We'll spend time learning about what you can expect after baby arrives and how to care for yourself. We'll also talk about everything you need to know to have a sane breastfeeding experience if that's what you're planning, or a healthy and loving bottlefeeding relationship if that's what you're planning.

Month 4: The Magic of Waiting

The end of pregnancy is a magical, uncomfortable, uncertain time. We'll take the time to answer questions you might have as you get closer to labor, keep things positive for you, and walk you through the magic (and the nervousness!) of waiting to meet your baby.



Month 5: Holding Space for Birth

This is your 'due month'! We'll be supporting you and the rest of the Lifeboat group as you get closer to meeting your sweet babes, and we'll be celebrating the hell out of each mama as she meets her babe. We'll be here to offer support and encouragement every step of the way.

Month 6: Supporting your recovery and the postpartum learning curve

This month, we'll be supporting you all through the first few weeks of motherhood. We can offer help and resources as you need them, and we'll be there to celebrate each victory with you. Liz will be on hand to answer breastfeeding questions and help you get the help you need, and Lindsay will be there to answer baby care and postpartum recovery questions. 



Month 7: Your Body Didn't Go Anywhere. Self care with a newborn

As we head into the second month of parenthood, we'll be getting into the rhythm of caring for yourself while you are caring for a newborn. Your body will be different than it was before you had a baby (you're still recovering from growing an entire human, after all!), and we'll talk about ways to get comfortable in the body you have, rather than trying to 'get your body back' (hint: it didn't go anywhere).

Month 8: Settling into your rhythm as a mom

In your third month of motherhood, we'll be cheering you on as you continue to find a rhythm to your new life as a parent. We'll talk about sleep habits (yours AND the baby's), and encourage you to find some sustainable, easy routines to feel nourished and loved during this busy time.


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Month 9: Sistering Each other on this Journey

In the last month of our Lifeboat journey, we'll continue the logistical support you've had all along, but we'll shift our focus a little bit to include talking about ways to support other women on this journey and to get the support we need for ourselves. We'll be talking about loving ourselves through our hardest moments so that we can grow a bigger love for our families, about how to continue feeling cared for even after this journey with Rising Tide Women has come to a close.