B.B., birth and lactation client

"During my first pregnancy, I was unsure of what to expect. I was overwhelmed with all of the different choices that were now laid out in front of me – from formula vs. breast feeding to epidurals vs. natural births. I hired Liz to guide me through my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I couldn’t be more grateful for her help and support. Liz was a wealth of knowledge and she was able to help me determine what it was that I truly wanted from my pregnancy and birth. She was entirely focused on what I wanted. Her support during the pregnancy was endless. Her personality is warm and inviting and she created a wonderful environment for support and comfort. I felt comfortable talking to her about anything at all and I was confident in all of the answers and suggestions she gave to me. She was there for me during the birth and I am so glad she was! When I was in an emotional rush and unable to focus, she was able to calmly explain all of the procedures and translate what the doctors were saying to me. The support she showed me was beautiful. She was able to instruct my birth partners and give them ideas on how to best support me when I needed it. After the birth, she was still just as supportive and full of information. I was able to ask her questions and I felt very confident in her responses. Liz was absolutely wonderful to work with. She gave me the confidence, tools, and knowledge that I needed to step into the best journey of my life -- motherhood. She loves what she does and it shines through in her work! I would highly recommend her services to anyone. She was a godsend!"

"Let me start by saying I was not prepared to have a child. My family was across the country so, I was scared to do this all by myself. I heard about Doulas and I thought it would be great for me to have one as I wanted someone who's done this before. I met Lindsay Miller and was estatic to have someone that also had RN experience, I got the best of both worlds! My husband loved her as well and I think he felt relief that there was somone we could rely on during my pregnancy. I was very nervous about everything but Lindsay was never judgemental and always reasurring. She always kept in touch to see how I was doing and if I had any questions she was always happy to help or find an answer for me. 

I was three weeks early but Lindsay was already prepared! She stayed by my side the whole time and talked with me and comforted me during my whole labor. I cannot express enough how happy I was to have her during the birth of my daughter, I wouldn't have had it any other way. She even cut the cord! My husband was too scared, haha.

Lyndsay made a post partum visit which was really helpful because I was having a very hard time adjusting to being a new mother, with the lack of sleep it was rough. Lindsay had nothing but encouraging words and just made me feel so much better as a mother. 

I cannot express how happy I am to have met Lindsay and she has such a chill, calming personality, I loved it. I highly recommend you consider Lindsay for your birthing experience!"

D.C., birth and postpartum client

G.E., lactation client

"I had so many breastfeeding difficulties to overcome with my first child. My milk came in late, I have short nipples, I had thrush, and I could not get my little one to latch. It was heartbreaking because I was determined to breastfeed exclusively and in the first few weeks that wasn’t possible. There were times when I truly felt like giving up. As a lactation consultant, the experience, support, encouragement, and humor that Liz brought to the process were invaluable. She offered multiple solutions to each problem as it arose, and kept in close contact to monitor our progress. We could not have done I without her. I am so grateful to have found her. I wish I’d had her as my doula!"

"Partnering with Lindsay, we were able to embrace the dynamic situations that child birth presents and make the birth of our second child an empowering and beautiful experience.  

After an unplanned C-section with our first child, we wanted to work with a doula to increase the chances of a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) with our second child. Lindsay's philosophical approach to child birth, her experience, and her personality were all good fits for us. She was an effective educator, sounding board, coach, and labor support team member.  She tailored educational materials to meet our learning needs, and helped us to prepare for "predictable surprises" so that we could focus our energy on unanticipated ones. She was a calm and reassuring presence in the delivery room, and provided invaluable physical and emotional support. Lindsay worked seamlessly with the midwives and nurses, all of whom empowered us to achieve a healthy birth and a successful VBAC.  We feel very fortunate that Lindsay was a part of our birth story.  

K.H., birth doula client

E.C., Birth doula client

"Lindsay helped me welcome my second son earlier this year. Despite a rather uneventful pregnancy, I was shocked to find myself suddenly facing several significant decisions as my due date approached. Lindsay offered a sympathetic ear, unwavering encouragement, and honest feedback about the risks and rewards for each possible path. Then, when a fast onset of labor surprised me, she was steadfast, knowledgeable and encouraging, helping not only me but my husband through contractions, medications, delivery and beyond. It was like having a friend who also happened to be a nurse in the room with me, fighting for my best interest at every turn.

However, one of the things I appreciated most about Lindsay's approach was that she wasn't focused solely on labor and delivery. She also helped me prepare for the emotional roller coaster of birth and postpartum. She listened and provided unfaltering encouragement as I navigated my changing family dynamics. I came away from my experience feeling confident in the decisions I had made, supported and loved and ready to take care of my new family.

Lindsay is knowledgeable, caring and dependable, and was intuitively there before I even knew I needed her on more than one occasion. If you think you might need a doula, I'm here to tell you that you need Lindsay."