What can we do for you?

We've helped thousands of new and expectant parents reach their goals by walking beside them on their journey.  Put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

If you are lucky enough to be local here on Cape Cod, the South Shore, or in Greater Boston, we can come to you in person.  If you're farther away, get in touch to ask about how we can serve you long-distance. 

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Where are you on your parenting journey?


I am...

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We live in a culture where birth is seen as something to be feared, not understood.  We'd like to show you a different way; help you prepare by demystifying the process and giving practical guidance.  

Because we believe birth can be an empowering, positive experience, we offer a variety of prenatal classes to help you prepare. And our very own Lindsay Miller (formerly of Lindsay Miller Birth Services) proudly provides our birth doula services; talk about continuity of care!  

Nursing a little one

Before I had kids, I always thought that breastfeeding was going to be easy. I thought, "it's natural, right? You just pop the baby on and they do their thing.  Easy-peasy."  And the universe had a good laugh over that one when I had premature twins.  I learned the hard way that breastfeeding isn't always easy, and that it pays to be prepared.
We want you to be better prepared than we were.  So we offer everything from a fun, informative prenatal class that will set you up to meet your goals to lactation home visits after baby arrives to help you conquer any issues you may encounter.  

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A New Parent

The time after giving birth is such a tender, vulnerable part of a new family's life.  New parents are not only recovering physically from childbirth, but new families are learning how to be together and how to care for their new baby.  Let us help you by letting you know what to expect, and then by supporting you in your home after baby arrives.

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Curious about Sisterhood

Not pregnant?  Out of the immediate postpartum period?  Not a mom?  Whether you're near us on Cape Cod or the South Shore, we still want to connect with you!  We are working to build a community of women and femmes who support each other in this wild world.