What can we do for you?

We've helped thousands of new and expectant parents reach their goals by walking beside them on their journey.  Put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

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Birth preparation class

We live in a culture where birth is seen as something to be feared, not understood.  We'd like to show you a different way; help you prepare by demystifying the process and giving practical guidance.

Birth Doula

When it comes to birth, there’s no such thing as too much encouragement. Our philosophy is based on trust: trust in your body, trust in your instincts, and trust in the process of birth. We are at your side no matter what kind of birth you plan for or have. Lindsay Miller RN, BSN and CAPPA-certified doula, provides exceptional care.

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Lactation Consultant

Feeding your baby doesn’t have to be lonely. Liz, our resident IBCLC, will be by your side supporting you with warmth, kindness, and evidence-based information. She’ll help you understand what’s going on with your body and your baby, and work with you to create a doable plan to meet your feeding goals.

Postpartum Doula

The time after giving birth is such a tender, vulnerable part of a new family's life.  New parents are not only recovering physically from childbirth, but new families are learning how to be together and how to care for their new baby.  Let us help you by letting you know what to expect, and then by supporting you in your home after baby arrives.

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