Why you need to unlearn during pregnancy


Last Wednesday, we filmed a live video about unlearning during pregnancy, inspired by an earlier post that Lindsay shared with this picture, and these words: 

"Unlearning. I’ve been fixated on the word since I first heard it, but it’s been hanging out in my mind heavily for the past few days. 
We must unlearn the negativity about birth
We must unlearn the conditioning telling us that our bodies are not worthy of love
We must unlearn to doubt our instincts
We must unlearn that breastfeeding is impossible
We must unlearn that worry is what makes good parents. 

It is our mission here at Rising Tide Women to help anyone who wants to unlearn about pregnancy, birth, lactation, and postpartum life. Families today are saturated with information and stories, and are left floundering trying to make sense of it all. 
Our role is to help families peel back the layers and get a solid understanding of realistic expectations."


I think that says a whole lot about the topic, and in our video we unpack some more about that and talk about how to actually go about beginning this unlearning process. Check it out: